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  • डॉ भारत अग्रवाल



MBBS • MD • MBA • M.Phil

Executive Director, Dainik Bhaskar Group

+91 987 326 0650

  • Aradhana Apts, #506,
  • Sector 13, RK Puram,
  • New Delhi 110-066


Dr. Bharat Agrawal


  • years work experience
    Dainik Bhaskar Group
    Theta Labs & Charak Hospital
  • ED: DB Group: 2003 - date
  • CEO: Bhaskar Global: 2001 - 03
  • Promoter: Theta Labs: 1994 - date
  • Director: Charak Hospital: 1993 - 08


  • years since graduation
    Consultant / Physician
    MBA / M.Phil
  • M.Phil. - 2004 (BITS, Pilani)
  • MBA - 1997 (IMS, Indore)
  • MD - 1991 (MGM, Indore)
  • MBBS - 1987 (MGM, Indore)


  • years of writing
    Fortnightly snippets —
    Politics, Judiciary & Bureaucracy.
  • Biting comments since 2009
  • Fresh gossip
  • Political pangas
  • IAS jams


Upon clearing the PET , PMT & B.Pharma entrance tests he was disappointed to be able to choose only one of the three careers.

His craving was for all three. A trishul of degrees. But now a puzzling, self-imposed Hobson's Choice! Finally took the MBBS path which led him to an MD (Medicine). Not satisfied with a mere clinic, he decided on an entrepreneurial venture Charak Hospital, Indore . To run Charak an MBA was in order and was soon obtained. Followed by a pharmaceutical unit Theta Labs Ltd., Indore.

Thus, two of the three cravings were somehow met.

Destiny then brought him to the Dainik Bhaskar Group . The career path from medicine careened into the world of newspapers and further compounded the already complex formulation! To survive without a philosophical fall-back was unthinkable. So an M.Phil was sought. And got.

The engineering craving got a hefty serving with this foray into the fourth estate. Now, specialising in relationship engineering , and supposedly living in Delhi; but, actually, out of a suitcase mostly.

Being Executive Director of the Dainik Bhaskar Group – (India's largest newspaper group), is both challenging and satisfying and he (tries to) deliver by – designing situations, leveraging networks mobilising thinkers & energising strategizers. Yes, its hard work. For them. Trust you get the gist.

During his abundant free time he is a regular columnist writing fortnightly for the Dainik Bhaskar - Power Gallery, husband, father, doctor, philosopher and trouble-shooter-in-chief.

Well, that is about it.

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Triumphing over a hardscrabble childhood through sheer industry, innate intelligence and dogged determination to conquer all circumstances.

Notwithstanding a middle-class business background, he has trounced adversity and always created new benchmarks for himself.

He has exhibited trend-setting leadership skills and aptitude in various capacities, leapfrogging the social and economic barriers of Indian society by becoming a key team player -- pioneering and leading the country’s print media industry, and attaining the position of executive director of the country’s widest read newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar.

Through his exemplary devotion to his duties and commitment to excellence and ethics Dr. Bharat Agrawal is an integral part of the unique core leadership of the Bhaskar Group whose independence, integrity, credibility, and prestige have attained record heights fully recognised nationally and globally.

His attitude has ultimately decided his altitude.


Dr. Bharat Agrawal is a rare professional breed that effortlessly straddles three diverse disciplines with aplomb and two gold medals.

Phenomenal multi-tasking horsepower is key to his “delivering” on time, every time.

Apart from an ingenious ability to add value at every stage of a project or process, he is deft in the management of detail, and can fine-tooth-comb an entire operation with the suave ease of a minesweeper.

Intuitive, meticulous, creative and very persuasive in buying commitments all round, the dapper Dr. Agrawal is a highly networked individual and a shrewd and competent negotiator.

This Medical Doctor-cum-Business Manager-cum-Philosophy Graduate nearly became an engineer! Qualifying for both the PMT and the PET examinations, he chose to remain on the medical side.

Incidentally, he is a pharmacological entrepreneur and an ex nursing-home owner.

As Executive Director, Dainik Bhaskar Group, Dr. Agrawal’s responsibilities have included several projects at a concept / pre-launch stage.

Current Responsibilities

His present duties include:

  • Corporate Communication & Public Relations
  • Editorial Head Hunting
  • New Projects and Government Business

Dr. Bharat Agrawal is a widely read regular columnist for Dainik Bhaskar and has extensively travelled abroad with the Indian Prime Minister.



Dr. Bharat Agrawal has had an illustrious career and a meteoric career path. In short, he could best the best from the elitist colleges and universities.

Displaying leadership skills right from his student days he has headed the students union in college.

His scholarship has excelled in all the attempted fields, ranging from –

  • Engineering to Pharmacology
  • Medicine to Philosophy
  • Management to Public Relations
  • Communications to Columnist

Dr. Bharat Agrawal does not typify the average scholar, professional or executive. In fact, his is a unique portfolio of disciplines that distinguish him as a scholar extraordinaire excelling in them all and defying the typical track record.

He has the distinction of successfully attempting PMT , PET and B.Pharma examinations simultaneously, thus exhibiting phenomenal talent at a very early age.


  • 1987 - MBBS - MGM Medical College, Indore MP
  • 1991 - MD (Medicine) - MGM Medical College, Indore MP
  • 1997 - MBA - IMS - Indore University, Indore, MP
  • 2004 - M.Phil - BITS, Pilani, Raj.

Academic accolades:

  • 1982 - Passing PET First position
  • 1982 - Passing PMT & B. Pharma Entrance Exams
  • B.SC - 1st Year - Merit Position
  • 2 Gold Medals for 1st position with distinction in Physiology - MBBS


Entrepreneurial Ventures

His attitude has ultimately decided his altitude.

Founder, Chairman/MD:
  • Charak Hospital, Indore - 1993
  • Theta Labs Ltd., Indore - 1994


Business Executive Experience

  • 2001 - CEO, Bhaskar Global, a division of FMCG
  • 2003 - Executive Director, Dainik Bhaskar Group, with responsibilities including, inter alia:
  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Editorial Head Hunting
  • New Projects
  • Public Relations
  • Government Liaison

Carried out business responsibilities in new ventures with aplomb and is constantly involved in expanding the business horizon. Achieved significant advances in promoting diversified interests in the pre-launch stage of many new projects.


Journalistic Experience includes: Regular Columnist for Dainik Bhaskar with a readership of 4 million readers.

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